The annihilation of the dinosaurs was caused by the collision of a massive asteroid with the Earth.

This present-day mass extinction, nevertheless, is various than any of the 5 mass extinctions that have been viewed by the earth since this extinction is artifical, not natural. With the research for new assets to help mans at any time-expanding populace and new assets to build medicines, the habitat that has safeguarded so numerous of the worlds creatures is now being ruined. Not only are human beings destroying the earth’s biodiversity but also what most humans fail to know is with this extinction lifestyle, as individuals know write my essay it will for good be changed. (Cooper) The earth has witnessed 5 other mass extinctions.

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The first extinction was the Ordovician, 440 million years ago, which is speculated to have been induced by glaciations. This prompted the destruction of 25 % of the animal species and plants.

The second extinction was the Devonian, 370 million a long time ago. This brought about the demise of about 70 % of the plant and animal species. This was most likely brought about by a climate transform. The 3rd extinction was the Permian, 250 million many years ago.

“The most catastrophic of all mass extinctions may possibly have wiped out ninety six percent of all maritime species and additional than 3-fourths of the vertebrate families on land. Scientists speculate that the cause may possibly have been volcanic action, a transform in ocean salinity or local climate shifts. ” (Cooper) The forth extinction was the Triassic, 210 million decades in the past, the result in of which is mysterious.

It induced the extinction of “sponges, insects, and vertebrate groups. ” (Cooper) The final extinction was the Cretaceous, 65 million many years back. This caused the extinction of the dinosaurs and eighty five % of all the species.

A substantial asteroid hitting the earth on the Yucatan in Mexico triggered this. (Cooper) The introduction of animals not indigenous to the environments that they are introduced to drives the native animals to extinction. For example, when “rats, cats and snakes” ended up brought to “Hawaii and Guam’ they drove away and hunted most of the indigenous birds to those islands. Also, just as Christopher Columbus and his adult males introduced smaller pox to the Aztecs, international animals introduce different illnesses to animals whose immune units are not made to combat them resulting dying. The above looking of the dodo chicken was one particular of the two reasons why they became extinct.

The second was the introduction of pigs into the dodo birds environment. Though the pigs did not transfer any conditions to the dodo birds, they contributed by consuming all the birds offspring, eggs (Cooper). With local weather improve and air pollution growing swiftly, a ton of animals are deciding on to migrate out of their natural surroundings and onto extra acceptable environments (Cooper). The polar bear is an outstanding illustration of this.

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